January 1 – March 31, 2022

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Home IS Where the Heart Is

…and single family homes in our ‘Homes In Town’ category, under 2 acres, offer a lot of choice. We have some great neighborhoods, wonderful schools and excellent recreational amenities so let us know something about your lifestyle and we can help you zone in on the best areas for you to start your search.

Following our experience with the Corona virus outbreak, we’re finding that more people are embracing the work from home concept, which heightens the importance of the accommodations your home provides. It also makes it possible for you to live where you want!

Sonoma County rural life

If You’re Buying a Home in Town

Work with a Successful Team

We make house-hunting a pleasure and short circuit the process for you in many ways. It’s easy to find what’s on the market but if that doesn’t make your heart sing, then we really dig deep, utilizing all our contacts for new inventory, not yet on market, touching base with other agents who might have new listings that would work for you and even reaching out to homeowner’s in your preferred target areas to try to encourage an owner to sell to you!

As one of the most successful teams in the county, we make it a point to network with other top agents and are active members of several networking groups, including the Luxury Marketing Group of Sonoma County. Collaborations enable us to better serve our clients and many agents neglect this, which is not to your benefit.

Benefit from Experienced Negotiators

Finding the home is one thing — and with the internet, increasingly easy. But doing a good job with the due diligence process and negotiating the best possible price for you is truly a skill that not everyone has. Let’s face it, you want the best negotiator on your team, not an amateur. We’ve negotiated all kinds of real estate purchases as well as business sales, government and corporate contracts from several different industries.

We love working on almost all kinds of homes, from first time condo buyers to luxury vineyard or equestrian estates. Some of the same skills are needed for all and between our team, we have you covered from Petaluma all the way to Cloverdale and back — at every price point.

Get the “Coming Soon” Advantage

Our distinctive ‘Coming Soon’ program, an industry first, is great for helping identify new listings that will shortly be on the market. We want you to have the best options available, and as Compass is the market leader here, we have more off-market options for you to have first crack at.

If You’re Selling a Home

Get the Platinum Marketing Treatment

When selling your home, it’s important to understand what a great agent can do for you. We can target your listing at just the right kind of buyer and find more people who are looking — much more than just putting your home online and waiting for the phone to ring. The key to a timely sale at top dollar is to fully understand the buyer profile, present the home in the best possible light to appeal to them, give it the platinum marketing treatment to showcase it fully and drive activity to your door.

Marketing is in our bloodstream and sometimes that’s a complex process. We treat each listing as totally unique and brainstorm ways to aim it at the right pool of buyers, speak to them in just the right way, capture their interest, generate a desire from them to see the home, then to buy the home. Well crafted marketing programs lead to happy endings in real estate! The more motivated, qualified buyers who see your home, the better your chance of getting a great price in the sale. So we never skimp on marketing. With a marketing budget of over $150,000, we are committed to your success.

Selling a home in town

Get Input on Strategic Pricing

Pricing — the big conundrum — is really an art form, not a science. It’s easy to quote you cost per square foot but we think most real estate, and certainly Country Property, just doesn’t work like that. Understanding the nuances of your location, improvements and how your home compares with others outside your neighborhood can lead to a fresh opinion of value. But the list price and the true market value are not always the same.

Listing price is a strategic decision that is set to help incur the desired result. That doesn’t mean necessarily listing it under value. It depends completely on the nature of your property and the market conditions at the time. We are frequently consulted by other agents and appraisers to help when pricing new listings for them. Let us share our knowledge with you!

Use Our Certified Negotiation Specialists®

Lastly, don’t forget you’re hiring a professional negotiator, not a check-out clerk! You need someone who understands the market, the value equation for your home and brings that to the fore. Like all skills, negotiation can be honed and trained and developed over time. With hundreds of successful transactions, lots of training and having a Certified Negotiation Specialist® designation, this is a great feature of our practice. Your home is probably your biggest asset. We take pride in putting as much into your pocket when you sell as we possibly can.

Find or Sell a Home in Town

If you’d like more information about how to find the perfect home for you or to list one, please contact us.